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Possum Trot Auction

East Alabama's oldest and most reputable auction house!

Although the founder of Possum Trot Auction, Bishop Anthony, retired after the last auction of 2007, the doors never closed. In anticipation of his retirement, Possum Trot Auction was acquired by J and J Enterprises LLC and held an auction the first Friday of 2008. The managing partners hired a licensed auctioneer to call the auctions until they completed school and obtained their licenses.


Jack (L) and Jim (R)

Jim Wallace, a retired U.S. Air Force officer, has attended auctions buying and selling antiques and collectibles wherever his career took him. Jack Burdeshaw, a U.S. Navy veteran and retired computer consultant, has been a collector for a number of years.

Alabama is one of the few states in the South that still requires a one year apprenticeship as well as a state administered test in order to obtain an auctioneer license. Because of this requirement Jim attended the first available auctioneer class at Troy University, Dothan so he could start his apprenticeship as soon as possible. Following the completion of his apprenticeship and passing the Alabama test he recieved his Alabama License. Jack attended the next class also at Troy University, Dothan and upon graduation obtained his Georgia license after sucessfully compleating the Georgia licensure test.

Update July 1, 2012

It seems that things never stay the same in life and the same is true of business. Jim Wallace is leaving us to move to Texas. Therefore we must say goodbye to Jim after six and a half years with J and J Enterprises LLC. The last four and a half has been here at Possum Trot. We certainly wish him the very best in all his future endeavors. He has been a good partner, and we will miss him!

New Partners

Jim (L), Joe (C) and Jack (R)

At the same time we say goodbye to Jim, we wish to offer a hearty welcome to Joe Watson. Joe is coming aboard with over 10 years experience as an auctioneer and is also a real estate broker. He is a U.S. Marine Corp veteran and retired Civil Servant with 31 years of service to the public.

Jack Burdeshaw                                   Joe Watson
GA# AU003643                                   AL# 1831 - GA#AUNR002950
                                  FL#AU3264 - FFL# 1-63-069-01-1J-02879