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Possum Trot Auction

East Alabama's oldest and most reputable auction house!

Every Friday Night 7:30 EDT
Rain or Shine
4776 Old Seale Highway Seale, Alabama

Buyers and Sellers Welcome

It's time for another change as we bid farewell to the Possum Trot Auction. This one is a little bittersweet for me personally, as it is for my wife Gary Ann. We have made a decision to leave the Possum Trot after a great 10 and a half years with the Possum Trot Family.

OUR Farewell Auction Night     OUR Farewell Auction Night
OUR Farewell Auction Night

I say bittersweet because having been at Possum Trot as long as we have; there is no way to say how many true friends we have made that we will not see every week (the bitter part). The sweet part is we have reached the age that allows us to have some time to do some of the things everyone says they will do "one day". Additionally we will have great memories like the first and only (to date) Possum Trot Wedding, the American Pickers visit, and the Doo Nanny. You will find the wedding video (and others) By Clicking Here .

For the first ten years I had two fine business partners. The first one, Jim Wallace, was with me from the first Friday of 2008 until July 1, 2012. The second partner, Joe Watson, was with me from then until he left the company around the end of 2017. The last six months I did not have a partner. You can find out more about us By Clicking Here.

HOWEVER, just because we are leaving, you can be assured that Possum Trot will continue to be the Friday night destination for East Alabama, West Georgia and vacationers from the USA as well as England, Holland, and Germany. It is East Alabama's oldest and most reputable auction house!

Jack Burdeshaw
Sr. Managing Partner
J and J Enterprises LLC

Jack Burdeshaw                                   Joe Watson
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